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The Mining Industry Council of Missouri is a trade association formed in 1966 and incorporated in 1971. Its membership is composed of companies actively engaged in mineral mining and production in Missouri, individual and companies holding mineral rights in property in Missouri and individuals or companies with peripheral interests in the mining industry in Missouri who have been approved for membership by the Board of Directors of the Mining Industry Council.

The regular members of the Council are divided into the following ten mineral commodity groups:

  • Barite
  • Cement& Lime
  • Clay
  • Coal
  • Industrial Sand
  • Iron
  • Lead-Zinc
  • Stone
  • Lead Smelting
  • Sand & Gravel
Each commodity group is represented on the Board of Directors of the Mining Industry Council of Missouri.

The Council maintains an office in Jefferson City which serves as a clearing house for the mining and mineral resources industry in the state`s capitol, keeping industry informed as to matters pending in the Legislature and in State administrative agencies and working for constructive action that will adequately recognize mining`s special problems. It serves as the industry spokesman on a wide range of matters including environmental quality, mined land reclamation, taxation, conservation and health and safety. The mining Industry Council coordinates the efforts of the industry in advocating measures that will promote the development of our mineral resources and the maintenance of a strong and healthy mining and mineral resources industry in the State of Missouri.

In addition to the regular members, the Council also has associate members. Individuals or companies which provide the mining industry with goods, supplies or services may become members to help support the mining industry. Hand in hand, supplier and user work together to ensure that the business climate of the state remains one which is favorable for all parties. Indeed, associate members are partners in the mining industry. The regular members of the Mining Industry Council are deeply appreciative of the generous support of the associate members.

The Mining Industry Council office also serves as a source of information on the mining and mineral resources industry in Missouri to the general public, the legislature and to executive branches of government. The MIC is the primary link between Missouri`s mining industry and the people it serves.

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Mining Industry Council Of Missouri
P.O. Box 725
101 East High Suite 200
Jefferson City, MO 65102

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